Babyliss for Men

To relaunch Babyliss For Men grooming products in the in the Middle East we created an identity that called on men to 'Beardifferent':

"Grow them whiskers! You weren’t born to be silky and smooth, were you? Embrace those epic follicles as they catapult you into manhood. Beard but when you do, crush conformity. It’s your beard man, do whatever the hell suits you best even if it breaks norms and sparks social debate! Just Beardifferent!

Yeah! We coined that term because we’re sick and tired of beard-alike — the ones who grow their beards just to look like everyone else. Beardifferent thus is there to assure you that with Babyliss trimmers, you’re never going to be labelled or be a part of any crowd. Unleash the barber in you and start being followed!"