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Boom! is a concept pop-up restaurant in Windhoek, Namibia developed for White Star Maize Flour - locally known as Mielie Meel.

Mielie Meel, although a proudly African ingredient, gained a reputation as either a ‘poor man’s meal’ or something the old people used to eat ‘in the village’. We were tasked to make White Star Maize Flour appealing to the young urban foodie population.

As a solution we created a pop-up container restaurant that would serve delicious, street-style, African take away dishes made with maize flour. The aim was to celebrate African culinary heritage instead of abandoning it in favour of a western palate. The hero dish, the “Mielie Bomb”, was created by collaborating with local chefs, each adding their signature touch to the dish.

The recipes for these signature Mielie Bombs would be collected in a Boom book and sold alongside White Star at the restaurant. As a result, White Star would become synonymous with trendy street food, transforming it from a old-fashioned, rural ingredient to every modern foodie’s staple.

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